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Printing like any other media can be high quality or poor quality depending on the quality of the raw product. Just like photography, the more detail (higher megapixels) the better it looks. In printing, the higher the DPI, the finer the details are shown. Many times what looks good on a computer screen does not come out good when commercially printed. So. the function of the graphic designer is to cleanup or redo the supplied graphics into a acceptable form. Such as a business logo where the artwork is going to be used on many different types of printed or promotional products and there can be different levels of detail required. An image downloaded from the Web might look fuzzy when you print it because of image resolution. For the Web, the lower resolution allows the images to load faster. The needed pixel resolution for a computer screen to look good is much lower than what is needed for the printed image to be sharp. Most graphic designers use high-end software to assure the quality of the artwork is matched to what is required for the printed product. This can be a very complex subject but rest assured that Mighty Bright Print Solutions can guide you in the correct solution to your printing and promotional needs.

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